Zoom Zombie™

THE MASTERMIND: Monsters 500 was his brilliant idea and he runs the show. A lowly chauffeur in his earthly life, he thrives on his new-found power. He’ll do anything (and we mean anything) to win. Drivers keep their distance because he has horrible B.O. and nuclear breath.

STRENGTH: Diabolical genius
WEAKNESS: Bad hygiene
VEHICLE: Haunted Hearse
QUOTE: Rules? What rules? I rule!

Drac Attack™

He’s So-o Vain!: With royalty in his blood, Drac feels like he’s better than all the monsters. He’s very concerned with his appearance. He’s dapper and charming, but he can’t be trusted. He has had many foiled attempts at taking over his team from Zoom Zombie.

MOTIVE: To look good
STRENGTH: Dapper, charming
VEHICLE: Coffin Cruiser
QUOTE: Let’s race… neck and neck!

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