Lead Foot™

LIVIN’ LARGE: Lead Foot does everything in a big way. Biggest parties, biggest houses, biggest races, you name it. He used to be in hiding, but now you can’t keep him out of the spotlight. Oddly enough, his publicity photos always turn out blurry.

MOTIVE: Wants fame
STRENGTH: Confidence
WEAKNESS: Overconfidence
VEHICLE: Super-Charged Road Hog Log
QUOTE: Go big or go home!

Captain Heinous™ (from Uranus)

THE OUTLAW: Wanted in 12 different universes for overdue parking tickets, Captain Heinous from Uranus always has an eye out for the Intergalactic Police. He has no respect for authority and likes to make up his own rules.

MOTIVE: Avoiding the Police
STRENGTH: Craftiness
WEAKNESS: Undisciplined
VEHICLE: The Uranus Ship
QUOTE: I have no regard for the law or my own safety.

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