#4Evil Clownevil™

Invasion One

THE DAREDEVIL: Fearless, Evil Clownevil loves to perform amazing stunts on and off the track. Unfortunately his stunts usually end in hilarious disaster. So, none of the other monsters really take him seriously. He’s racing for respect, which he never really gets, even when he wins.

MOTIVE: Respect
STRENGTH: He’s fearless
WEAKNESS: He’s delusional
VEHICLE: The Jokemobile
QUOTE: I’m not clowning around!

  • Pure Evil
  • Super Evil
  • Pretty Evil
  • Kinda Evil
  • Not that Evil
#9Turbo Chainsaw Maverick™

Invasion Two

DERANGED DESTRUCTOR: Turbo is high octane, with but one thing on his mind–destruction. He loves nothing more than to have things blow up, crack up, and fall down. Sometimes you think he would rather cause a crash than win a race.

MOTIVE: Chaos and destruction
STRENGTH: Relentless energy
WEAKNESS: Lack of coordination, klutzy
VEHICLE: Turbo Charged Chain Reaction
QUOTE: Uh oh. Hahahaha!

  • Pure Evil
  • Super Evil
  • Pretty Evil
  • Kinda Evil
  • Not that Evil
#14Brat Worst™

Brat Worst™

Invasion Three

He’s out to get
what he wants!

#19The Hunchcrack of Notre Doom™

The Hunchcrack of Notre Doom™

Invasion Four

Grinding gears in the
most grotesque way!