#3Flattop Frank™

Invasion One

THE LUNK: He may be a little slow witted, but he flat out knows how to drive fast. When other drivers, especially Evil Clownevil, make fun of him, he becomes enraged and drives much more aggressively. Ultimately, he just wants to show he’s as good as the rest of the drivers.

MOTIVE: To belong
STRENGTH: Rage makes him race harder
WEAKNESS: Slow-witted, doesn’t know his own strength
VEHICLE: The Rage Roadster
QUOTE: Grrrr!

  • Pure Evil
  • Super Evil
  • Pretty Evil
  • Kinda Evil
  • Not that Evil
#8Dr. Jerkyl & Mr. Ride™

Invasion Two

THE SHY LAB TECH AND DEFIANT BEAST: All he ever wanted was to grow hair again. He stole a formula, but sneezed into it before he drank it, so things turned out a lot different than he expected. Now he’s racing against himself as much as he is against the other drivers.

MOTIVE: Date supermodels/Wreak havoc
STRENGTH: Brilliant Scientist/ Super strength
WEAKNESS: Pushover/ Out of control
VEHICLE: The Skitzomatic
QUOTE: Let’s split!

  • Pure Evil
  • Super Evil
  • Pretty Evil
  • Kinda Evil
  • Not that Evil
#13Scream Punk™

Scream Punk™

Invasion Three

He always turns in a
riveting performance!

#18Dr. Fly By™

Dr. Fly By™

Invasion Four

He's creating
quite the buzz!