Invasion One

THE WISE GUY: CrocPot is always quick with a one-liner on the track. He likes to make jokes and is especially fond of bathroom humor. He loves to pull pranks on the other drivers and sometimes he would rather pull a great prank than win a race.

MOTIVE: Pranking the competition
WEAKNESS: Unfocused on the race
VEHICLE: Plunger-Powered Flushmobile
QUOTE: Go ahead, punk. Pull my finger!

  • Pure Evil
  • Super Evil
  • Pretty Evil
  • Kinda Evil
  • Not that Evil
#10Werewolf Blitzer™

Invasion Two

THE GREEDY GROWLER: His road to the Monsters 500 was a little hairier than most. He worked his way up the ranks the hard way. Now he can’t get enough money and success. Winning races is his way to get everything he wants, no matter who he has to run over to get there.

MOTIVE: Riches/ His next meal
STRENGTH: Determination
WEAKNESS: Distracted by his appetite
VEHICLE: The Wolf Wagon
QUOTE: “Let’s stop for a bite!”

  • Pure Evil
  • Super Evil
  • Pretty Evil
  • Kinda Evil
  • Not that Evil
#15Creature from the Track Lagoon™

Creature from the Track Lagoon™

Invasion Three

One of the few monsters who's slimier than his lawyers.

#20Car Shark™

Car Shark™

Invasion Four

He's on a
speeding frenzy!