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Toxic Terror Trap Playset
After the Slime Monster is toppled, how do I stand him up again?

slime-monsterThe Slime Monster will not stand up unless the
orange gate that topples him is in the UP position.
To stand the Slime Monster back up:
1) Turn the switch to the OFF position
2) Put the orange gates at the bottom of the ramp
in the UP position
3) Stand up the Slime Monster by tilting him forward
4) Turn the switch to the ON position to play again.

The Monsters 500 Toys
When will new Monsters 500 toys be released?

Invasions 3 and 4 are expected to arrive in Spring 2018.

How many kinds of cars can I get?

There are two kinds of cars – 10 standard cars with die-cast chassis and four bigger cars that have lights and sounds. 

How many monsters are there?

There are currently 10 different Monsters with 10 more expected to invade in
Spring 2018.